Lined Zipper Bag Tutorial

Learn how to do a fully lined Spunky Stitches Zipper bag with no exposed seams. This tutorial will walk you through making a Spunky Stitches Split Design (Half bag) Zipper bag with lining. You can use any combination of fabrics and vinyl on this design, but note trying to line vinyl bags can make them difficult to turn. Most people make a fabric bag with vinyl only on bottom accent. If this is your first bag we recommend starting with an unlined bag. If you need more help please feel free to find us on Facebook for a great support group.

Unlined Zipper Bag Tutorial

Learn the basics to making a Spunky Stitches Split Design (Half Bag) Zipper pouch. We recommend you start here for learning how to do these designs and then move up to a lined bag (see Lined Zipper Bag Tutorial) We recommend doing unlined bags in vinyl as fabric is less sturdy and likely to fray if left unlined. If you’re still struggling please feel free to find us on Facebook for more help.

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