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Unlined Zipper Bag Tutorial

Video Tutorial for how to make a unLined Zipper Bag in the hoop embroidery file by spunky stitches!

Learn the basics to making a Spunky Stitches Split Design (Half Bag) Zipper pouch. We recommend you start here for learning how to do these designs and then move up to a lined bag (see Lined Zipper Bag Tutorial) We recommend doing unlined bags in vinyl as fabric is less sturdy and likely to fray if left unlined. If you’re still struggling please feel free to find us on Facebook for more help.

2 thoughts on “Unlined Zipper Bag Tutorial

  1. I’m sorry,I didn’t realize I was doing something wrong

  2. I just watched the video for the unlined zipper bag. Getting ready to make the sailor bag using red, white and blue diamond dust vinyl. Thank you for the wonderful video. These really do help putting things together. Just wish there were instructions for each bag instead of generic ones though. Thank you

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