How I Turned Spunky

Owner of Spunky Stitches Melanie Yearwwood. Embroidery digitizer
Owner of Spunky Stitches Melanie Yearwood. Embroidery Digitizer

It all started with my son. He was a baby and loved his paci. There were only like 2 paci clips to choose from for boys. I thought they were both ugly. So I got out my sewing machine and started making them. Then that turned into bibs, and burp clothes… That led to more crafts. I started doing craft shows and made all sorts of bows and high end tutu costumes. I wanted to be able to do more at a time on the embroidery machine and so I bought a bigger machine and software. I didn’t know how much that software would change my life. I started doing my own designs.


I worked with a fabulous lady that I met in a group and she mentored me. I would create designs, send them to her and then she would send them back with things I could do to make them better. I learned so much from her. She helped me become the digitizer I am today. I love making new things and get so excited about things that I come up with that others don’t. It’s the thrill of a new challenge. I get a lot of my ideas from my kids and things that they ask for. I try to make things that appeal to all types of people and different interests.


I try really hard to make good quality designs. I continue to grow each and every day. I am so thankful for all my customers for they are the reason I get to stay at home with my children and be a part of their lives through out each day.I couldn’t ask for anything better!